Sydney Flemington Markets

For those of you who haven’t been to the Sydney Flemington Markets, it’s really worth the trip. If you go on a Saturday you can start your visit in the flower markets where you will find an incredible variety of fresh flowers in all shapes and colours. All the fresh flower shops in Sydney come in nice and early to grab their fresh stock for the day so you also have to get in early to grab some great bargains.

The fruit and vegetable market is incredible. When I visit these markets, it’s impossible not to be swept up in the hustle, bustle and excitement that every visitor feels when looking at the range of delicious and fresh produce we have available to us. If your in a slump with your low carb diet and you need some inspiration, organise a trip with the family to your local markets and expand your cooking repertoire. Either look up a new recipe that you’ve never tried before and purchase what you need during the trip, or use the visit to your local market to discover fresh, new and exciting ingredients that take you out of your usual comfort zone. Enjoy!!!


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