Impossible Quiche Lorraine (Low Carb)

Quiche Lorraine RS CC

Egss are an amazing ingredient and fantastic for Low Carb diets. Today I’ve added a new page under Low Carb Recipes called Egg Recipes & Index. To go with this I have one of my favourite recipes that has been in my family since I was a child, Impossible Quiche Lorraine. My mother used to make this using wheat flour to make a sort of crust instead of pastry. I have removed the flour and replaced it with Almond meal. It’s a super easy, low carb recipe that is perfect either as a warm quiche or as a cold slice for the kids. It is great to freeze and reheat for breakfast, to serve with a quick salad for lunch or dinner. Just mix the two sets of ingredients together and bake. No need to grease the dish. Enjoy!!!


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3 thoughts on “Impossible Quiche Lorraine (Low Carb)”

  1. Wow, you have done it again with great content and beautiful pictures. I have a request if it’s possible I only seem to be able to eat hard boiled eggs or deviled eggs with mustard but I was wondering if you can post some egg dishes featuring hard-boiled eggs? Thank you even if you’re unable because I really appreciate what you do and the time it takes to put this information together for our benefit! Have a wonderful day!


    1. HI Alexx, I must admit this is a favourite of mine and a staple in my freezer for a quick reaheat for breakfast. No problems on the recipes for boiled eggs. I have a few in mind that I think you’ll like. Keep posted as there are lots more recipes to come!!!

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