Product Review – Passage to India Rogan Josh Simmer Sauce

Rogan Josh Chicken Bowl RS CC

Today’s post is a product review. I Love Indian food. Back before I had kids I’d set myself up in the kitchen on a Sunday with my favourite curry recipe from Madhur Jaffrey and a library full of spices. I’d spend hours making the perfect curry from scratch, roasting and grinding the spices. These days life is way to busy to spend this much time on a good curry. I’ve tried many curry sauces and none of them really deliver as a freshly made curry would. 

The best quality, ready to cook Indian sauce product I’ve found is Passage to India’s range of simmer sauces. Each one is unique, authentic and delicious. You can keep a few packets of these sauces on hand and serve up a hot curry in about 25 minutes flat. The range is available at Coles, Woolworths or Independent supermarkets. The range of lower carbohydrate curry sauces include Balti Curry, spicy Vindaloo, Tikka Masala, and Rogan Josh all with carbohydrate levels under 9g/100g. For me, a meat and vegetable curry is a treat for the end of a week where I’ve been good with my carb count. I have used the Rogan Josh simmer sauce in this Quick Chicken & Vegetable Rogan Josh curry. This simmer sauce has one of the lowest level of carbohydrate at 8.3g/100g of sauce and is delicious served with a dollop of greek yoghurt and fresh coriander.  If you are also a fan of great Indian curries, give them a try.  Yum!!!

Rogan Josh Simmer Sauce RS CC


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