Kangaroo Kebabs

Kangaroo Kebab Cooked RS CC

Kangaroo Kebabs.

  • Servings: 8
  • Difficulty: Easy
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If your reading this blog from outside of Australia it may be a surprise that we like to eat Kangaroo. Kangaroo is a highly nutritional meat that is extremely lean (about 98% fat free), high in protein, minerals and vitamins. As it is so lean, it can get quite tough if it’s cooked for too long. Marinating the meat overnight helps to keep it tender and succulent during grilling. This Kangaroo Kebab recipe uses a Greek Marinade to tenderise the meat and provide a delicious flavour.

Kangaroo Diced RS CCI’ve been eating K-Roo products for many years. Their range of products can be found in Woolworths and Coles nationally. Their sausages and kebabs are fantastic and for this recipe I used the Diced Kangaroo. For more information on the benefits of Kangaroo and the K-Roo product range, please see this fantastic website – http://k-roo.com.au/


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