Must Read – Smart Carbs by Luke Hines

Smart Carbs RS CCAnother book review for us on the Knowledge Is Power – Must Read Books page. I really enjoyed reading Luke Hines latest book Smart Carbs. Luke is an Australian personal trainer, nutritional therapist and author of a number of Paleo and healthy eating based books. His new offer Smart Carbs is the perfect book for someone just starting out on a low carbohydrate diet. It has the basic nutritional information that everyone should know about the foods they eat. Luke identifies three stages of low carbohydrate eating and helps readers identify their goals to determine which stage they need to be in. There is a lot of information in this book along with a range of delicious recipes, each with beautiful photography to inspire. All the recipes are graded according to which stage they are appropraite for so it’s easy to identify which recipes are right for your stage.

I highly recommend this book to everyone, especially those starting on the low carb journey as it contains all the basic information that you need. Available at book stores throughout Australia and online it’s a great book to have on hand.



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