Books for Inspiration – Simple Ottolenghi

Today I’ve added a new page called Books for Inspiration. These are some of the cookbooks that I have used as inspiration to create new and exciting low carb recipes. I’ll be posting some of these recipes with the details on the recipe books I’ve used and photos of the results. I hope you find inspiration too!!! 

Simple – Ottolenghi

Ottolenghi Simple RS CCOttolenghi’s books are incredible. Each one is full of delicious recipes matched with incredible photos that look like you can just eat the food straight off the page.  His recipes use some of my favourite spices and this book in particular is full of simple, easy to follow recipes. In Simple he includes recipes for vegetables, meats, fish and salads that are fresh and exciting. Most are low carb, or can be easily altered slightly. The recipes are separated into different sections depending on how much time you have and how much is involved in the recipe. This book is fantastic for inspiration. Enjoy!!! 


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