Health vs Convenience

Hi Everyone,

My posts are usually done to share my recipes and food facts with you, but tonight I wanted to get your feedback on something that I think is very important, not just for ourselves, but for our families. I was at a fantastic children’s birthday party on the weekend, where I was offered a piece of delicious looking chocolate cake. It was a layered cake with frosting and a printed birthday message on top. I was offered a piece and as I bit into it I realised that it tasted so artificial, the texture, flavour, colour, everything. There wasn’t a single natural thing about it, and not one single bit of nutrition in the entire cake that had been sliced up and was being quickly devoured by the kids. I looked around the room and the kids were loving it, eating everything in their bowls and it hit me, that our standard of what is acceptable to put into our mouths has shifted so dramatically, so quickly. Back when I was a kid mum made her 2 minute chocolate cake recipe, cut it into a cool shape, smothered it in buttercream, popped on a few candles and voila, fresh cake, using real ingredients and it was delicious. These days our children are so used to being served artificial everything, that if they were offered that fresh chocolate cake, I wouldn’t be surprised if not one child liked it. Kids taste buds are being conditioned to only being able to accept high sugar, high fat, high acid foods and textures that are so refined and processed they hardly need to chew. Without us even thinking about it, our kids are losing their connection to real food and who could really be surpristed when they refuse to eat real food when it’s put in front of them. 

What are we doing to our future??? As parents, do we fight the trend of 100% artificial take away, processed, convenience foods, or do we join the few to fight back against the systematic destruction of our children’s taste buds and stand up for their future health, longevity and happiness. As parents, working full time and trying to juggle kids, school, work and life it’s hard to fit everything in and don’t get me wrong, I certainly understand the need for convenience. Quick, healthy meals that still offer nutrition and real flavour. For this reason, this year I’m going to focus on Healthy Meals, both low and high carb that can be made quickly and easily to feed the family. I may even throw in Mum’s 2 minute chocolate cake recipe if your lucky!!

Please let me know what your thoughts are!!! I’d really like to know how you feel on this topic. Thankyou 


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