Nutrition and The Digestive System

Hi Guys,

I’ve recently started to study a Diploma in Nutrition.  I wanted to expand my knowledge on how our bodies process foods, nutrients and to learn more about some of the social issues behind our food choices here in Australia. Our bodies can really do the most amazing things and the way we process what we eat and drink, into the nutrients our bodies need for energy, muscle maintenance and repair is incredible.

If you have ever wondered what happens to the foods and beverages that you eat everyday, please find below a really cool little video on how our bodies process foods through our digestive system. It’s fantastic and fascinating.

Nutrition For Life Stanton


Part of my research has been hitting my local library to gather as much information as I can on Nutrition in Australia. Nutrition for Life is a great book by Catherine Saxelby. It was published a few years ago in 2006 but still has loads of relevant information that you will find really interesting if you would like to know more. 




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