Product Reviews – Beef, Veal, Lamb & Pork

On this page I will be reviewing some of the red meat ingredients that I use regularly when in Ketosis. I will continue to update this page with new products. Some of these may not be available in your local area but I’m sure that you will be able to find substitutes. 



Rissoles & Burgers

Woolworths Homestyle Rissoles

These rissoles from Woolworths are great at only 75g per rissole and 2.3g/ of Carbohydrate per 100g. These quick to cook and are great served with salad or between tomato slices with a slice of melted cheese as a quick slider. 


Sausages are such a quick source of protein but you need to be careful on the carbohydrate content to ensure you are getting a high quality, low carbohydrate product with as little fillers as possible.  Generally the cheaper the sausages are, the more cereal fillers and binders are used. Have a look at the ingredient listing and see what % meat is in the product. The highest % of meat possible is the best. When the flavours of the product is tasty then you don’t need to add high sugar sauces for extra flavour. 

Woolworths Lamb Sausages with Mint & Rosemary

These are great tasting sausages with only 2.3g of Carbohydrate per 83g sausage. The flavour is delicious and they go really well with steamed vegetables and buttery cauliflower mash. 


Stay tune for new product reviews. 


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