Product Reviews – Beverages

On this page I will be reviewing some of the Beverage products that I use regularly when in Ketosis. I will continue to update this page with new products. Some of these may not be available in your local area but I’m sure that you will be able to find substitutes. For more information on Beverages for Ketosis, please follow the link. 



Beverage Powders

Avalanche Choc RS CCAvalanche Straw RS CC

Avalanche Beverage Powders with no added sugar can be found in Woolworths and Coles stores. They are delicious with the Strawberry variety having no carbohydrates and the chocolate at only 2.8g/100g. They are perfect with the Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk


Hot Beverages


Tea is amazing and available in such a variety of flavours. Before staring a low carb diet my habit after dinner was to eat chocolate or something sweet when the kids had gone to bed. I’ve managed ot change that habit and re-set it by enjoying a nice hot cup of tea after dinner. It warms me up, and gets me ready for a good nights sleep. Below are some of the tea’s I really enjoy!!


Rose & French Vanilla Tea

Dilmah Rose with French Vanilla Bags. Now for those of you who like Turkish Delight this tea is for you. I can’t help but take deep breaths from the open bag. Single serve teabags with a delicious vanilla and sweet rose aroma. I love to have mine on a cold night, piping hot with a few dollops of cream just before bed to help me sleep and warm me up from the inside. Perfect to satisfy your sweet cravings without the sugar. Yum!!!

Celestial Chai Tiger

Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice Infusion. My daughter calls this Tiger Tea and it’s delicious but probably one for adults only.  Along the lines of a Chai but with an amazing sweet backnote from the spices used it’s fantastic and you don’t need to add extra sweetener. Spicy and fragrant I absolutely love this tea just before bed. I find that if i leave the bag in the boiling water for too long it can get too strong so I remove the bag early on once it’s infused. With a dash of cream it’s spicy, comforting and is fantastic on a cold winters night. 


Cold Beverages

Water will always remain the KING of beverages with the recommendation to consume around 2 litres of water per day for an adult. Water performs a number of important functions in your body including replacing the water you loose in sweat, going to the toilet and breathing, it helps to flush out toxins from the liver and kidneys, helps blood flow & digestion, helps to prevent constipation, helps to prevent headaches, the list goes on.  

There are so many amazing low or no carbohydrate beverages hitting our shelves these days using natural sweeteners and delivering great flavours for both adults and children. Some of these I can recommend include –

 Almond Breeze RS CC

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Flavour. I have tried a lot of Almond milks and this is the best that I have found. Vanilla flavoured and unsweetened with only 0.7g/100ml of carbohydrate. I find the vanilla tends to hide the salty flavour a lot of almond milks can have. It also lends itself to work well with other flavours making it perfect for use in egg dishes, milkshakes, desserts etc. 

Nexba Coconut & Mango RS CC

Nexba Coconut & Mango Softdrink. Nexba are an inspirational small company producing great beverages here in Sydney Australia. The combination of Mango an Coconut is delicious!!! Delicious cold from the fridge on a hot summers day. 

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