Product Reviews – Dairy

On this page I will be presenting some of the Dairy products that I use regularly in my Low Carbohydrate diet when in Ketosis. I will continue to update this page with new products. Some of these may not be available in your local area but I’m sure that you will be able to find substitutes. 

Yoghurt- Greek

Tamara Greek Pack Bowl RS CC

I love Tamar Valley Greek yoghurt. Greek yoghurt is thicker and creamier than regular yoghurt and it is able to hold it’s thickness when used in marinades. This full fat Tamar Greek Yoghurt is delicious, thick and creamy, and with only 5.2g / 100g of Carbohydrate. It can be used in smoothies, soups, curries, marinades, dips, desserts, quiches and dressings. 



Labneh is a very thick yoghurt made by suspending Greek or Plain Natural Yoghurt in cheesecloth for 2 days to draw out as much liquid whey as possible leaving the solids which are thicker and creamier than regular yoghurt. You can add all types of flavourings, herbs, garlic etc or add vanilla, berries and sweetener for a sweet version.   This pre-made version I found at my local grocer. It was fantastic with a salty flavour that was perfect for using in savoury dips, marinades and quiches and only has 2.3g/100g carbohydrate. 

I will be sharing my own recipe with you on how to make Labneh at home. 

Cream Cheese


Philadephia Cream Cheese is probably my second most used ingredient in my household. It only contains about 2.3g/100g of carbohydrate and it can be used to make both sweet and savoury dishes. I mainly use it to make a quick single serve of low-carb cheesecake for dessert when I feel like a treat after dinner. It’s also fantastic for use to make quick dips for vegetables and can be flavoured and used as a stuffing for beef or chicken breast. In Australia it’s available in a range of pre-flavoured tubs for use to dip vegetables, crackers or as a spread on toast. My favourite is the Salmon Philli Cheese eaten with carrot and celery sticks. 


Full Fat Cream is my number one most use ingredient when I’m in Ketosis. I usually use thickened cream instead of milk in coffee and tea, in desserts, soups and to make sauces. Left over cream can also be used to make home made butter. For use in coffee it has around the same level of carbohydrate as milk but as it is so rich and creamy it is used in coffee at much lower levels giving you less carbohydrate per serve. For more information on this see the Dairy for Ketosis page. 

Sour Cream 

I always have a tub of Sour Cream on standby in my fridge. Sour Cream is perfect to dollop in soups, use in dips, finish off sauces and add to roasted pumpkin or vegetables. My favourite recipe using sour cream is Beef Stroganoff which is absolutley delicious. Keep an eye out for this formulation and for more information on sour cream please see the Dairy for Ketosis page. 


Butter RS C 1

Real full cream salted Butter is a staple in my household. Salted Butter is natural and perfect for use in cooking, in sauces, and for melting over steamed vegetables. Browned Butter is perfect to serve over asparagus and green beans. 


Cheese 1

Cheese, Where do I begin?? Soft cheese, hard cheese, aged cheese, fresh cheese, pritty much all cheeses are fine to eat on a low carbohydrate diet. The only exceptions to this are those that are flavoured such as sweet and savoury cream cheeses which usually have higher levels of carbohydrate especially, if they contain dried apricots, nuts or other dried fruits. For a list of cheeses and their carbohydrate value see the Dairy for Ketosis page. 


I hope you found this information useful. I”ll be adding to this page to showcase new products.  Please let me know if there is anything mising that you would like more information on. Thankyou

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