Vegetables for Ketosis

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We are so blessed to have such a huge range of incredible fresh vegetables available for us to enjoy!!! There is literally a rainbow of vegetables to choose from, from those sold at your local supermarket or green grocer, to those that you have to hunt a little harder to find at your local Organic Fruit & Vegetable or Farmers Market. Many of these Vegetables are ideal for low carb diets.

Vegetables are a delicious source of nutrients, fibre and flavour. We should all try to eat a range of different coloured vegetables to provide us with a variety of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Eating in Season is also important to ensure that the produce is as fresh as possible. If it’s not in season, the produce has most likely been ripened using a number of methods, most commonly Ethylene gas is used to trigger the ripening process. If we can purchase fresh produce straight from the farm and from growers we trust, we are supporting local businesses and ensuring our families get the best and freshest produce possible. 

Vege Shot RS CCWhen it comes to vegetables, let’s face it we all get a little stuck to our regular, familiar vegetables, those that we know how to use and what their taste and texture will be. To expand your horizons, I challenge you to get out of bed early one weekend a month and head off to your local Farmers or Organic Fruit and Vegetables Markets. See what new seasonal vegetables you can find and try to introduce at least one new vegetable into your diet every week. That’s 52 new culinary experiences you can have every year. Fantastic!!!

The following pages include some tips for purchasing different types of Vegetables with a reference to the recipes that I have available that feature these vegetables. 

I will be adding to these pages as we go so please feel free to leave a comment if there are any specific vegetables that you would like more information on. 


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