Low Carb Recipes

In this section I’ll be sharing some of my staple Low Carb Recipes that formed the backbone of my diet over the past nine months. As a time-poor, busy working mum, I needed meal solutions that are quick, tasty and nutritious to satisfy myself and my hungry children at the end of a long day. The majority of these recipes are great to freeze. Just pull out as many portions as you need and quickly reheat.

So that I’m absolutely clear, my weight-loss journey was one that I did for myself. I did not remove carbohydrates from the diets of my two small children as they need this energy for their growth and development. What the change in my eating habits did do for them however, was to have me look seriously at the types of foods they were eating on a daily basis. How many serves of highly refined carbohydrates such as white bread or white pasta were they eating in a week?? How many actual serves of vegetables or whole fruits such as apples, and pears were they consuming on a daily basis?? As a result the types of carbohydrates they consumed changed. I tried to remove as much highly refined foods void of nutrition as possible, replacing them with more nutrient dense, higher fibre options.  White pasta became wholemeal pasta, white bread became wholegrain or wholemeal bread etc.

To ensure that I always had enough food on hand to last the week, I always cooked at least two slow cooked or baked dishes on the weekend to get me through the week. One dish I would start to eat on Sunday and Monday and then freeze into portions on the third day. The other meal I would freeze straight away into portions so I always had enough frozen fresh meals to choose from throughout the week. This meant that the only cooking I had to do was to steam fresh vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower or greens as a base and add the re-heated frozen portion to the vegetables. I am really big on minimising the amount of washing up every day, so I’m a big fan of one pot or tray bake cooking, which saves on cooking and cleaning up time.

I hope you enjoy these recipes. If you have any comments or would like to see more recipes in particular, please let me know by leaving a comment below.


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