Low Carb / Ketosis

Ketosis is a metabolic process that occurs when the body doesn’t have enough glucose available from carbohydrate sources to provide energy to the body and the brain. By restricting your carbohydrate intake your body switches over into breaking down the fats stored on your body into glucose instead. The body produces a by-product during this process called ketones. These ketones are a type of acid and they are released from the body through urine and the breath. These ketones can be measured by using keto strips or by monitoring certain signs which you can find on My Journey page. 

Ketogenic diets or low carbohydrate diets are used for weight loss and provide benefits for people with a range of health problems including Obesity, Epilepsy, ADHD and Diabetes. Depending on the individual, the level of carbohydrates consumed in low carbohydrate diets for weight loss can be between 20-50g per day. 

In this section there are several pages which talk about different Ketosis topics including


If you would like some support on your low carb journey, you may want to join a few Facebook groups for support, advise and recipes. These are a few groups that I can recommend  –

  • LCHF Australia
  • LCHF Australia – Low Carb High Fat – community, support, advice, recipes
  • Keto Country Australia


If you are looking for recipe books to inspire, try some of these on my Knowledge is Power – Must Read Books page. My Books For Inspiration page has other recipe books that I find fascinating, they may not contain Low Carb recipes specifically, but many of them can be altered to suit.


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