My Favourite Kitchen Equipment

Equipment Shot RS CC

There are so many types of Kitchen Equipment and utensils available for all sorts of uses and a lot of them are just unnecessary. With a few select pieces you can achieve amazing results in the kitchen.

On this page I’m going to share some of my absolute favourite pieces of equipment that I would be lost without in my Kitchen. These are items that I use almost on a daily basis that perform brilliantly. Most are inexpensive, easy to find and highly recommended. I will be adding new items to this page as we go along so be sure to follow the Blog to keep updated. I’d love to hear about your favourite cooking equipment or utensils so please leave your comments. 


Pyrex Simply Store 1.5L Glass Storage Container

Pyrex Dish

First off the bat, this Pyrex glass dish is my absolute favourite baking dish, I’ve had mine for about 12 years, and I use it all the time. It comes with a plastic lid that fits really well and it makes storing baked dishes so simple. No need to move the food to another container for storage, just cool, put on the lid and pop into the fridge. So easy to clean, just soak overnight with soapy water and even the hardest baked stain will scrub off in the morning. Available from Big W for $14.00, I recommend that everyone have one of these.

Sunbeam Metal Stick Blender

Sunbeam Stick Blender RS CC

As you can see this is one of my most used and well loved pieces of kitchen equipment. I use this blender for everything, from shakes to blending couli’s, soups and purees. The metal end allows me to use the blender in the hotest of soups straight off the stove without worrying about melting the plastic. It’s also super easy to clean by just rinsing under running water and allowing to air dry.  Definately one of my favourites. 

Ronson Pressure Cooker



My Ronson Pressure cooker that I purchased from Target is one of my most used pieces of equipment. This model has a number of menu options including Keep Warm/White Rice/Brown Rice/Curry/Saute/Slow Cook/Soup and Pot Roast. The Saute option lets me brown my meat and saute my vegetables before making soups and stews. This is extremely handy and means I can keep cooking to the one pot, making cleaning up a breeze. The pressure vent is easily opened to release the steam quickly. Definately recommend. 


Green Bean Slicer

Bean Slicer

This is a natty little tool that I was given many years ago. I remember my Grandmother using one when I was a kid. They are really useful for making very thin green bean strips which can be used instead of noodles in soup. 


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