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Australian’s LOVE Chicken. We consume more chicken than any other meat in Australia. Chicken is cheap, easy to get and absolutely delicious. Every weekend I cook at least one chicken dish to get me through the week. Chicken dishes freeze extremely well and I always have a bag of poached chicken meat on hand to quickly add to soups, salads and omlettes. 


Duck is a red meat and is higher in protein than other poultry.  Here in Australia Pepe’s Ducks and Luv-A-Duck do an amazing job supplying high quality duck meat for us to enjoy. Available in supermarkets across Australia.


Turkey is a fantastic meat. It’s very versitile and can be used instead of chicken or beef mince in many recipes. For more information on Turkey meat, please find the Steggles Turkey link below –

I hope you enjoy these recipes.


Recipe Index

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