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Eggs are an amazing source of nutrition and have been eaten by humans for hundreds of years. Eggs are perfect for a low carbohydrate diet able to be used to create amazing egg based dishes including quiche, omelets, scrambled eggs, slices, cheesecakes, pavlova’s the list goes on.

Nutrition of Eggs – Eggs are made up of three main parts. The shell and its membranes, the yolk and the white or albumen. The shell is around 10% of the total weight, the white is around 59% and the yolk 31%. For the purpose of these recipes I’ll be referring to extra large chicken eggs weighing around 60g. 

Nutritionally Eggs offer a total package for consumers. By consuming 1 whole large egg, you will receive around 6g of high quality protein, with around 5.5g of this located in the white or Albumen of the egg. Egg protein contains all 9 essential amino acids necessary for the body to digest and utilise this protein efficiently, which is why Eggs are such an excellent source of protein.  This large egg also contains 5g of Fat located in the yolk. The fat component is made up of polyunsaturated, monounsaturated fats and a small amount of saturated fat. One egg contains around 0.6g of Carbohydrates and over 11 vitamins and minerals essential to good health. 

In the past there were a lot of misconceptions about the number of eggs we can safely consume per week as part of a healthy diet. There were concerns that egg consumption contributed to levels of Saturated Fat and Cholesterol in the body which then contributed to Coronary Heart Disease. Thankfully, modern research has shown that consuming up to 6 eggs per week does not increase these factors and we can safely consume whole eggs as part of a healthy diet. For more information please see the Heart Foundation website at –

For more information on Eggs, please see the Eggs page in the Everyday Food Science Facts section. 


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