Smoked Salmon Crepe

Smoked Salmon Crepe.

  • Servings: 2
  • Difficulty: Easy
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I love smoked salmon or trout and these egg crepes are simple to make and packed full of flavour. I used salmon but you can fill the crepes with anything you like, bacon and fried mushroom, spinach & ricotta, the options are endless.

B&W Parsley Sauce RS CC

Smoked Salmon is one of my favourite treats and I have the perfect accompaniment. I used my favourite Birch & Waite Seafood Sauce to complete the dish. I just love this sauce, it’s creamy and delicious with a lovely hint of dill that goes perfectly with seafood. I love it with crispy skinned salmon and to top seafood marina mix. You can purchase this delicious sauce in the refrigerated section of the Fruit & Vege isle in Coles and Woolworths here in Australia. 




  • 4 eggs + 3 tbsp room temp water
  • 100g Smoked Trout or Salmon
  • Birch & Waite Parsley, Dill & Tarragon Seafood Sauce or Garlic Aioli to serve.


Smoked Salmon Roll Ing RS CC


  1. Crack the eggs into a bowl and add water. Beat well with a fork until the eggs are well mixed. Heat a non stick 26cm frying pan over medium heat. This mixture will make 2 crepes. When hot add half the egg mixture, moving the pan around until all the base is covered. 
  2. Allow the egg to settle in the pan over the heat and don’t mix the egg or you will end up with scrambled egg. Allow the egg to cook long enough for the moisture to evaporate and the upper side to dry out, keeping an eye on the bottom to ensure it doesn’t brown too much. When the top is dry, run an egg flip or spatula around the outside of the egg gently lifting it from the pan and flipping to cook on the other side. Gently remove the crepe onto a plate for rolling. Repeat for the second crepe. 
  3. Cover the crepe with the smoked trout or salmon and roll gently starting from the edge until all rolled up. Cut in half with a very sharp knife. lay nicely on a plate and sprinkle with parsley. Dollop with sauce and serve immediately. 


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