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Fantastic Vegetables!!! I never really knew just how delicious they could be until I started to adopt a low carbohydrate lifestyle eating fresh and wholesome vegetables. Vegetables are quick, versatile, able to be prepared in almost every way possible and are packed full of nutrients for healthy eating.

When it comes to eating vegetables, freshness really is best. Freshly picked vegetables are at their peak and contain the highest levels of vitamins, minerals, and moisture. As a result they will provide maximum flavour in your cooking.  Search out your local farmers markets or fresh fruit & vegetable shop. The staff will be more than happy to guide you as to what is in season and what is on special. 

As vegetables get older either on the shelf at the store or in the vegetable draw in your fridge at home, they lose their nutrients, start to dehydrate as they lose water and can begin to wilt (herbs, lettuce, celery) or get spongy if kept for too long (usually this occurs in root vegetables such as carrots, potato and parsnip). At this point they really need to be thrown out. Ensuring you wrap your vegetables securely before placing into storage in your refrigerator is important for maximum shelf life and we will be talking about this in future posts.

Frozen, bottled and canned vegetables allow you to have a range of vegetables on hand to quickly add to quiches, soups or to serve as a side. Frozen vegetables are picked, processed and quick frozen to maximise their nutrition and quality and the range is impressive. Always purchase frozen vegetable packs that are free from excess ice build-up which is usually a sign that the freezer has defrosted at some point during storage and the contents may have freezer burn. Canned vegetables that are always on hand in my kitchen include baby corn, mushrooms, beetroots sliced and whole and corn kernels. Always check your cans before purchasing to ensure they are not dinted. Dinted cans may have damage to the interior coating which you cannot see. Bottled vegetable products include olives green and black, picked cucumbers, sauerkraut and a range of tomato products including whole, diced and pureed tomato passata. These can form the base for any meal or add texture and flavour to a quick salad. 

In this section I’ll be sharing my favourite vegetable recipes, from simple but delicious dishes to those that take a little more time but are worth the wait. From simple salads with quick dressings, soups, quick pan-fried meals to roasted creations. I’m a huge fan of one pot cooking which saves on time and on washing up and roasting and tray baking is just so easy. Just prepare the vegetables, pop into your favourite baking tray with a drizzle of good quality olive oil and pop in the oven.   

I hope you enjoy these recipes straight from my kitchen. 


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