Roasted Red Capsicum

Roast Cap Cooked Tray RS CC

Roast Red Capsicum.

Roast capsicum is so easy to make and gives a fantastic smokey flavour to salads, dips and baked dishes. Very simple to make you can puree the roasted capsicum and use in sauces or dips, cut into strips to add to salads, dice for quiche or cauliflower rice and layer over tray bakes. Yum!!!



  • 3 medium red capsicums
  • 1 large cliplock bag

Roast Cap Bag RS CCRoast Cap Puree RS CC


  1. Cover a shallow baking tray with baking paper. Wash the red capsicums and dry with a tea towel or paper towel, slice the top off, remove the stem and seeds. Put upside down on the flat side and cut down in half lengthwise. Lay out the capsicum across the baking paper skin side up.
  2. Turn the grill onto high and place the tray under the grill about 2 inches below the element. Leave to cook till the capscium skin begins to blacken as the photo above. As the skin begins to burn, remove the pieces using tongs and place into the large plastic clip lock bag sealing the bag to keep the steam in. Let sit in the bag until cool enough to handle. When cool remove the pieces from the bag and using your clean hands remove the outer skin by rubbing with your fingers. The skin should easily slide off. You can use paper towel to wipe off any excess chard skin. 
  3. You can cut the roast capsicum into strips or dice and use straight away. You can place into a small food processer and blitz until smooth for puree. Store excess puree in clip lock bag in freezer and use in sauces.


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