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Welcome to the first page on the Healthy Eating section in my Food Facts for Healthy Thai Chicken with Zucchini and Coconut 2 RS CCEating website. We have covered the basic Food Science Facts of a range of food and beverage ingredients and now we are ready to talk about the Healthy Eating portion of the website. Here we will be focusing on low carbohydrate diets, healthy eating, Ketosis and a number of other health related topics that are all related to weight loss and healthy eating. This blog/website is designed for people who are just starting out on their low-carb, Ketosis journey as well as those who are thinking about it and would like more information or those that have already begun. It’s for men, women, singles, mothers, anyone who has decided that they need to lose some weight and focus on themselves and their health.

When thinking about starting a low carbohydrate diet, you need to ask yourself, how am I with following a strict set of guidelines?? Am I the type of person that likes set rules or Eggplant with Yoghurt RS CCdo I like to break the rules and have more flexibility? Personally, I am a person that is either black or white. I’m never in the middle so this diet was great for me. I never counted carbs or weighed my food. I simply followed the guidelines of what to eat and what not to eat and it’s a pretty easy lifestyle to follow once you get your head around the changes. If you don’t take responsibility for your eating and you don’t follow the guidelines then you can’t expect the weight loss results. It’s as simple as that.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a food scientist not a nutritionist or a psychologist and I’m writing this information based on my own past experiences and those that I’m yet to face. You may agree with my thoughts or you may disagree and that’s fine, but I must insist that before you implement any change in your diet, please go and see your local GP to check your blood pressure and for a full blood test including cholesterol, and uric acid so that you can see how you are tracking on a low carbohydrate diet. It will also reassure you that your body whilst losing the extra weight is also resolving some of the other medical issues you may be having. If you feel you need extra support or someone to talk to about some of the issues we discuss especially around self-esteem there are plenty of counselling services available. Sometimes just having someone to talk to outside of your regular network can really help. Please speak to your GP as they will be able to help.

After spending over half of my life trying to lose weight, I’ve realised that weight loss and health needs to be approached from a big picture point of view and I feel that a lot of people, such as myself spend years trying to lose weight and become healthier but they only focus on one or two of the issues, being the food they consume and the exercise they are getting. We tend not to think about how issues around mental health, physical health, family and food habits, food wastage, guilt, time management, self-esteem, and self-worth impact not only our ability to lose weight but our commitment to keeping it off. Without a doubt the most important of these is self-esteem and self-worth. These are the lifelines you can cling to when the going gets tough and you will have tough patches. I want to talk about all these issues with you so we can address health and weight loss from a big picture point of view.

The other thing to point out is that I’m doing the Low Carbohydrate/Ketosis journey to lose weight but I’ve found I also gained a lot more health benefits that I wasn’t expecting. Chorizo Chook Traybake RS CBy the time I’d been in full Ketosis for a few months and I was steadily losing weight I felt so good that I wondered how I ever lived any other way. For me losing weight was priority and when I reach my goal in 2018 I will eventually include carbohydrate back into my diet. By this stage I will have more knowledge to guide me on choosing the right type of carbohydrate to be eating, I would have reset my bad food habits and won’t be jumping straight back into bad habits with take away food and high sugar treats. I’m also a realist and from the outset I’m being upfront with you right now to let you know that I did use some processed products flavoured with artificial sweetener. I have a sweet tooth and some days are harder than others. On these random days I would partake in a treat at the end of the day but I’d make sure what I chose was still within my daily limit of carbohydrate.

I think it’s really important to also mention that life is busy, life has moments where we need to celebrate, there will be birthday cake or a glass of wine or champagne here and there and that’s okay. It’s okay to let yourself have a bit of fun every so often and not feel guilty about it. The key is to make sure that you enjoy your treat in that moment, really enjoy it and then continue on your low carb journey. I certainly didn’t do the full 10 months in Ketosis without taking a break. I had events, birthday’s, work and interstate travel where I chose to go off the diet for both convenience and as a treat after achieving my mini goals. You can certainly continue on a low carbohydrate through these events but if you find the stress of trying to juggle this on top of the event or travel is too much, then let it go for a few days with the commitment to start right back as soon as your able.

My site is a little different to other Low Carbohydrate or Ketosis sites as I am losing weight whilst feeding two small children. The recipes on my site are designed to provide a meat or vegetable main dish that can be served two ways, either as a high carbohydrate option for my children or as a low carbohydrate option for myself. This ensures that my kids receive the right amount of energy they need for their growing bodies but that I receive a low carbohydrate option to ensure I stay in Ketosis. In the Healthy Eating section, I’ll be talking about some of the ingredient that I use to create delicious low carb meals. We’ll be talking more about the science of these food ingredients and how they fit into a low carbohydrate lifestyle, and I’ll be doing some product reviews for you on ingredients that I found to be very useful. I’ll share some recipes and we will talk about how to survive events that may throw you off such as Birthdays, Easter and Christmas etc.

I hope you enjoy the information. Please leave any comments and let me know if there is anything other topics you would like to discuss.

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