Hawksbury Harvest Farmers & Fine Food Markets Castle Hill

Wow!!! What an incredibly passionate group of growers were on site at the Hawksbury Harvest Farmers and Fine Food Markets in Sydney. Held every 2nd and 4th Saturday’s of the month at the Castle Hill showgrounds, this market has a huge variety of produce on display. We visited in January when the stone and tropical fruits were still on offer. 

Fruit RS

Every stall holder I spoke to had a story to tell, from the sweet juicy cherries just coming into season, the amazing mushrooms grown on the Central Coast to the Garlic growers from Canowindra who had driven several hours into Sydney whilst I was still sleeping to setup their stall.

CH FM Garlic CCH FM Mushroom RS C

We found incredible produce stands offering varieties of meats, freshly baked breads, coffee, fruits and vegetables. Some of these amazing vegetables were available in colours I’d never seen before!!! The range was enormous, fresh and fantastic. These tomatoes below were the largest I’d ever seen.

CH FM Potato RS CCH FM Tomato RS C

It’s hard not to get inspired seeing all these beautiful colours. Who ever said you couldn’t eat a rainbow?? These orange beetroots and the yellow carrots were amazing. 

CH FM Carrots C

Rhubarb was something I grew up eating as a child. I love the tart flavour.  Stewed with a dash of vanilla bean it makes a delicious dessert. 

Rubarb Green RS

I saw the photo below and thought straight away of fresh red or green capsicums diced and thrown into a Greek salad, chargrilled whole capsicums till soft and smokey or stuffed with mince and baked, Delicious!! Fresh corn on the cob steamed with melted butter. Sliced eggplants chargrilled and drizzled with olive oil or backed whole and made into Baba Ghanoush. 

Cap & Eggplant

What a fantastic spread of fresh fruits and vegetables. I’ll definitely be back to this market and I look forward to visiting in the different seasons to see what seasonal produce is on offer from NSW and the surrounds.

These Markets are held at the Castle Hill showgrounds and for more information on the markets, when and where they are on please see the link to their website below – 



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