Yandina Farmers Markets Qld

Yan Market RS CC

What a fantastic morning out at the Yandina markets on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Beautiful weather and fantastic produce. Amongst the meandering walkways of the markets we found a wide range of brick-a-brack, beautiful plants, freshly baked breads, a huge variety of fresh vegetables, tropical fruits including Dragon fruit, Rose Apples, Jack Fruit, Mango’s, Lychee and mounds of macadamia’s ready for cracking.

I was very lucky to meet Steven from Farmers First who was so passionate about his produce. The stall was very large, filled with almost every type of fruit and vegetable imaginable and he could name where every piece had come from. His goal is to support Local Farmers First which I though was fantastic and for those products he couldn’t source locally he had trusted contacts from all over Australia that he uses to supply produce whilst in season. If you are lucky enough to live on the Sunshine Coast I definitely recommend looking up his Facebook page (Farmers First Fruit and Veg) to see when he will visit in your area next.


I’m also a spice nut and a huge fan of Indian food and to my delight there was also a small Indian spice stall selling a huge range of home ground spice blends and single spices. I couldn’t help myself so I left with bags of Turkish Baharat, Indian Tikka Masala and Sri Lankan Cinnamon quills. I can’t wait to get home and put these to good use.

Yan Markets RS CC

On my trip to Qld I found this amazing fruit called the Rose Apple. It’s a tropical fruit that was tart, crunchy with a soft sweetness and fragrance similar to rose. If you have the chance to try one I definitely recommend it. 

Choko’s, the large green fruit on the left are delicious grated and fried with butter and garlic. The range of tropical fruits was enormous. Fresh juicy pineapples, bunches of bananas and the aroma of these juicy fresh mangos was incredible. 

Held every Saturday morning at Farrell Street in Yandina, the Yandina Farmers markets are definitely worth a visit if your on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Queensland. 

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