food-facts-transparent-backgroundMy name is Kerrie and Welcome to Food Facts for Healthy Eating!! 

I’m passionate about two things in life, food and knowledge. I have a Bachelor in Food Science and Technology and have worked in the food processing industry in Australia for over 20 years. I want to use this knowledge to teach you more about the foods you purchase every day.  In this Blog I will be sharing basic Food Science knowledge on food ingredients found in the processed foods and beverages that you and your families consume on a daily basis. You will gain a better understanding of why these ingredients are present and what function they perform in the finished products you eat. 

CH FM Carrots CThe website is separated into two sections – Food Science Facts and Healthy Eating – Low Carb/Ketosis. The Food Science Facts section contains basic food science information on ingredients commonly found in processed foods under their different categories (Dairy, Fats, Grains, etc.) To use the Food Facts section of this website choose the Food Facts heading on the main menu and then scroll down and select the category of ingredients that you wish to know more about. Within each food category are details on ingredients made from or used in those types of products.

Over the past 18 months I have changed my approach to eating and adopted a Low Italian Slider RS CCCarbohydrate lifestyle to get my body into a state of Ketosis. Through this I have improved my mental and physical health, and I’ve lost over 20kg and gone down 3 dress sizes. The Healthy Eating section of this website is where I’ll be sharing what worked for me on my Healthy Eating journey, along with some of my recipes, reviews of products that I used, tips and tricks as we go along. For more information on why I began this blog please see My Story.  

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Thankyou For Joining Us!!!



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